Diving into the Podcast circuit

While I'm playing catchup on the blog, I have to admit something: one of the biggest surprises of my adult life is that not only do I kind of enjoy doing interviews, the sound of my own voice has not killed me! (Seriously, I was totally convinced that it would.)

It helps when you have such fantastic interviewers or co-hosts. Over the last couple months, I've had the chance to do two podcasts and they were both a lot of fun.

First I got to visit my old Book Riot stomping grounds and co-host and episode the Dear Book Nerd podcast where Rita Meade and I answer bookish questions and stumble our way into literary cliches. 

After that, Isabel and I had the pleasure of joining Matthew Winner (one of the nicest people in kidlit) on his All the Wonders Podcast. I point people to Matthew's work all the time and describe it as Inside the Actor's Studio for kidlit creators, so it was a huge (and surreal) honor to finally join him for an episode. 

A huge thanks to both Rita and Matthew for being such gracious hosts and helping me inoculate myself against the sound of my own voice... I am forever in your debt!